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Validate an IBAN

forget isdigit?


// countrycode checksum bankcode sortcode accountnumber


: isdigit?   ( char -- boolean )

  dup '0' >=

  swap '9' <= and



: stripspaces   ( IBAN -- IBAN' )

   "" 2swap split for

    forobj concat$




: valid?   ( IBAN -- boolean )

  string NUM$

  0 char-array IBAN


  >carr a@ IBAN a!

  4 0 do

    IBAN 0 <@

    IBAN |<!


  IBAN a@ 0 do

    dup isdigit? not if

      asc 55 -


    NUM$ swap str$ s<& drop


  NUM$ @


  97 mod

  1 ==



"GB26 MIDL 4005 1512 3456 74" valid? . cr

ok> true


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  • 7ᵗʰ implements the ScriptEngine pattern
  • 7ᵗʰ runs on every computer with an installed JVM
  • 7ᵗʰ can run headless as a console application
  • 7ᵗʰ programs / words are very compact
  • 7ᵗʰ supports a Perl-like search and substitution syntax

here You can download the source-code of the example on the left:

Validate an IBAN:

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