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Forget passwords

The password generator PwdGen.jar creates a strong password from an easy to remember password.

Therefor it calls the 7th word pwd$. The generated password is copied to the clipboard but is not stored elsewhere. It is generated each time You enter Your "easy" password.

With the following options You can select the characters used in Your password.

  • digit   use only digit characters

  • alpha   use alpha and digit characters

  • symbol   use symbols, alpha and digit characters – the default with no option checked

  • umlaut   use Umlaut (ÄÖÜäöü), alpha and digit characters in the generated password

*** Each different installiation of PwdGen.jar creates a different strong password for Your "easy" password. ***

Special hint

The file "main_××××.sev" is responsible for the generated password. Depending on the operation system this file is located in [Your user name]\AppData\Local\g7th on a Windows system and the .g7th directory in the home path on a Linux system.
You could take the main_××××.sev and copy it to another computer in the appropriate path. Change the ×××× to the combination of the PwdGen_××××.coords file on that computer.

So You are able to generate the same passwords on the foreign computer as on Your computer at home.

Password generator:

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